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Went again Sat 8 Feb,singer was OK, very busy [arn't they all] Burtonwood bitter and Reef vodka [orange] was £4:35 tad dear. [Moon and Bell] Spitfire bitter & Reef £2:49, know what I mean!

A young person pub. Beer drinkable, my mate had a Stella lager, and swore it was 'cheap muck', packed and noisy at weekends.

Bedford Square.
Free Trade
Good pub, good prices,good staff,packed at week-ends and most nights.Got the best toilets in town.Worth a visit as are all W/Spoon places.Excellent choice of drinks, packed to the gills on sat nights!!

Meadow lane.
A very small pub with a few regulars, but an excellent pint of pedigree. A place to have a quiet pint and contemplate your navel .

UNICORN [Feb 2002]
nr the bus station.
bass (I think)
This place really has changed over the last few years from a pub I wouldn't have gone near, to quite a good (just off center)place for a beer and chat.Feb 2002; Large open plan with some chairs and tables in the corner. Music far too loud, beer OK.(Tony died Nov 2001)

Devonshire Square.
My wife likes this place but I can't stand it! Make your own mind up. It's been referbished, May 2003. [see photos page]

The BLACKBIRD  [Closed 2003]
Garendon Green 26298.
Estate type pub.Not for the faint hearted. It's not even listed in Yellow Pages.;-)

The Rushes.
You'll either love it or hate it!! The HOBGOBLIN is just across the road if you don't like it.(Nov 2001)

Meadow Lane (On Canal).


This has changed hands and attitude, I'm told it is quieter now, no bouncers on the door].
This from Mark Page;
We are a sole trader and do not have major backing from breweries so you can a appreciate how hard it can be to compete in this growing pub trend in the Loughborough we are a friendly bar which do not employ door staff, are reasonably priced and supply a very good variety of entertainment and food. [there you go, straight from the boss's mouth ;-)]

This is one of the ever increasing ‘Café Bars’ that are a growing feature of town drinking. Although a fairly small area for the bar, the Saturday lunch time visit I made found it busy with a selection of people. The girl behind the bar was very friendly, with a big welcoming smile. Nice to see that. Prices and produce are reasonable.

Feb 2003

Burder Street :-(